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Lost Internet AND Phone for 3-4hrs, Still awaiting response from Loyalty.

Question asked by mondoguitar on Nov 2, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by mondoguitar

Early Friday morning, was gaming and lost connection at 12:05am.  Immediately checked our Shaw phone as well to call in, it was down also.  With no contact to the outside world for 2hrs, I finally went to bed.  The next day I asked to speak to loyalty, I was told I would be contacted either last night after 8pm or some time today to discuss my on-going internet/phone issues which are not related to equipment problems.  I was also told that upon hanging up, the TSR would seriously look into all my issues.  Have heard nothing back since.


I've dealt with a wrongful disconnect on ALL my services last October, was down for 36hrs.  I have to deal with poor local customer service where field techs have called my equipment "K-mart specials", among many other local problems and I've lost my phone service for extended periods at least 3x in the past 6 months.


I'd appreciate some answers from Shaw as to why these problems occur so often.  When I phone in, when I contact Shaw on twitter i ALWAYS get differing answers.  When my services work, they work great.  When they go down, it doesn't just affect me, it affects my node, so please don't ask me to reset or eliminate my router.


Phone service is CRUCIAL and for it to be going down so often (not just for me, but my entire node) is unacceptable.  I was originally offered a "1 day credit" via twitter which would've amounted to about $2.50.  I was later given a $25.00 credit, but this goes beyond credits... I don't have any other ISP options (Telus caps out at 25mbps) I need accountability from Shaw.


Also, as an online gamer, and someone who occasionally plays poker, how am I supposed to do anything involving cash online when I have no faith in my ISP?


A few weeks ago I was pondering about dropping Bell Satellite for Shaw Gateway (to have all 3 services), now I'm pondering dropping my land line just to get a cell phone instead.


I can see internet service being 99%, but phone service needs to be held to a much higher standard.  I grew up as a kid with a Telus landline and i don't EVER remember not having a dial tone unless we were in a major storm.  You'd think reliability would be improving as technology improves, not decreasing.  This has been a problem as long as I've had Shaw's cable phone.  It just isn't as reliable as a Telus landline in my experience.


I'm at a crossroads with deciding where to go with my services and I need some help or re-assurance.


Thank you.