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No email received since evening 28th Oct 2013. Can send but not receive.

Question asked by jimkelsall on Nov 3, 2013
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I have been unable to receive email to my account for a few days. The last email I received at home vial Outlook Express was 8:11 PM 28th October 2013. The last email I received on my Blackberry was 07:22 AM 29th October 2013.


I am also unable to access Webmail (screen just stays at login and does not progress to any other page). I have not changed my password (unless someone else has). I have not made any changes to my Outlook Express settings recently.


I am able to send email using my Shaw account from Outlook Express. I cannot send email via my Blackberry and get a bounce back message stating "User account is in INVALID mode."


Internet seems to be OK. Cable TV seems to be OK.


Any assistance in resolving my inability to send email would be gratefully received. Is there a network problem / upgrades ingoing again?


Many thanks in advance.



Jim in Calgary