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Question asked by flipboii on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

Hi there, I have problems with shaw services lately, internet speeds are very unstable and not very constant.  I also have a problem with our cable tv, it pauses (seems like a loss in feed) no sound and picture glitches, which leads me to think that our connections might be old as the house is old aswell.

Shaw has been good with me trying to help me with my problems, no complaints with that.  Those included a few techs coming to our house many MANY times already.  They sent a contractor to our house and they renewed some wire that was under the concrete of my house. Finally we had enough and we talked with the manager on the phone and she gave us credit to buy a router, that still didn't fix our internet speed.


I am left with a very disappointing situation and I can't blame Shaw since it seems like they have tried everything.  I need support, maybe there is something that hasn't been done yet, maybe renew the wires that come from the main cable box terminal outside the house, renew the cables inside the house? Im not sure, that is not my field of work.  My family has been with Shaw/Rogers since we have immigrated here 20 years ago.  I would hate to lose interest in your service and try another provider, this is not a threat.  Its just Shaw has done everything, it seems and it wouldn't hurt me to try another provider to see if the problem still persists, Thanks so much.