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I have two 'plug in' phones and both do not work

Question asked by liamhhh on Nov 5, 2013
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I have two regular phones (not cell phones).   One I can walk out into the garden with, but not carry about town as it has to sit in a base to recharge.  The other is stationary on the kitchen counter.   Each phone has its red light showing, which means one of the phones is in use.  I pick up each each phone and there is no sound at all.     I unplugged (jacks and all) for each phone - plugged back in, and they still do not work.   I repeated this.  I E-mailed our neighbour and he says his phones are working.  He E-mailed me saying he telephoned my number and received a voice saying...... "cannot be reached at this time".   I filled in an E-mail request for help on the SHAW website and now have to wait three days !  for anyone to start paying attention.  Can anyone help please ?