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Informing customers

Question asked by mpa on Nov 5, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by mpa

Since Shaw says that they pride themselves on keeping customers informed, I had a few ideas of how they can improve this.

Think of the HD guide update that just went through.  How many customers had no idea it was coming?  How many customers had their service

temporarily interrupted?  Did this sour their impression of Shaw's service?   This could be avoided to better improve customer service and also

help reduce complaints and angry customers by informing them before any interruption occurs.


Some ideas;

  -introduce a messaging system on your cable boxes, somewhere Shaw could send important information about outages, updates, work being done in the area, anything that might temporarily negatively affect service.  This could be in the 'menu'.  Or a specific channel like your vod preview channel.

  -automatic emails sent to all '' accounts for anyone affected.

  -messages included with monthly statements to inform of upcoming updates etc.

  -do not include advertising in the same place as important information, as it will be ignored and missed by lots of customers


These are just a few ideas.  I'm sure there are more ideas that others can suggest as well.

As good as this forum is, let's face reality.  Most customers do not visit this site unless they have a problem, when it's after the fact and they are already upset.  Even then, only a minority come here at all.  The average customer will just get angry until the point of changing providers.  Most people don't use twitter as you like to direct people to.  Use your assets to your advantage.  Be proactive not reactive!   Wouldn't it be good to stop the negative image a lot of people have of Shaw before it starts????   Wouldn't this make the job of your customer service agents so much easier not having to apologize and explain everything to angry customers????  

Would love to hear what others think as well as Shaw.

Have a great day  !