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The Coral Cache: * appears to be DNS blocked

Question asked by phillipsjk on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2013 by kevinds

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Point your browser at
  2. You should encounter a DNS lookup failure.
  3. Edit /etc/resolv.conf (or equivalent in your OS) to read "nameserver"
  4. Step 1 now loads the Coralized Shaw front-page.


Because I do not have the Shaw connection password, I was not able to test by connecting directly to the modem. However, my brother, who also has a Shaw  connection (with a Shaw supplied router/modem combo) experiences the same problem.


I have two three divergent theories on the reasoning behind this:


The first is that Shaw is still having DNS issues.


The second is that as explained in the "PlanetFlow2 - PlanetLab's traffic monitoring system" ( page, the Coral cache probes hosts making requests with UDP pings. The advice for discouraging this behavior (for example if it triggers your intrusion detection system), is to "discontinue accessing URLs that end in" (the 8090 port is no longer required).


The third is that the Government of Canada has recently sent out a scarily worded letter to internet intermediaries as part of the "notice and notice" regulation consultation. The letter suggests that internet intermediaries may be liable for damages ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 if they fail to keep detailed logs allowing them to track down copyright infringers over a period of 6 months. It is possible that Shaw has decided to block "proxy avoidance" servers in order to keep these logs more reliable. My preferred interpretation of subsection 41.26(2)(b) of the copyright act is that internet intermediaries are merely required to retain records they have at the time of the infringement notice. Such an interpretation may greatly reduce compliance costs by keeping the amount of data to a manageable level (ie: by only keeping logs required to monitor the health of the network).