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Do problems with Shaw's services ever get resolved?

Question asked by rubberbband on Nov 6, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by rubberbband

I've been experiencing issues with my shaw services for over a year now. It all started when I moved into a brand new house and bought one of Shaw's motorola HD boxes with the new menu. It would lag, it would go offline, it would freeze...Shaw checked all the cabling, ran a second feed to the house, installed a booster that seemed to fix the issue for a while, removed the booster when they increased signal strength to the house (causing the hd box to go offline), they swapped the box...All of this went on with me waiting on the phone (always experiencing "higher than usual call volumes" if it's always it's usual), scheduling a tech for a week later, having the tech visit and tell me he had to call the infrastructure people in and it would take a couple of days. Rinse and repeat....


I finally cancelled all of Shaw's services and was immediately called by a customer retention manager to see what he could do. I was offered a Gateway system and 3 portals (free lifetime rentals) and promised that this time they would fix it and considering that most of my issues were with the new style motorolla box I agreed. Since then I have has a few minor issues until a month ago I noticed that the PVR was not taping full episodes. Then I noticed that some of my channels were losing the signal (causing the PVR to stop recording). You guessed it I called shaw and played the waiting game, 20 minutes to talk to a rep, one week for service call, another week for infrastructure and it goes on....


Finally tonight I was fed up so I dialed Shaw, waited for a rep due to unusually high call volumes, and asked for an update. They would like to send a tech to my house next Tues to look at it. I not paying for full service? Has this issue not been brought up numerous times in the last few weeks? How about a tech at my doorstep tomorrow afternoon? Apparently that is not possible so I asked for a customer loyalty rep to call me (which can take up to 48 hrs apparently). I want to discuss the fact that I am paying for a service that has been problematic for over a year. From now on I think it would be fair for shaw to stop billing me the moment I report a problem and they can resume billing me when they fix it. Why do we put up with paying for poor service???

I've included a txt file of the conversation I had with a Shaw rep online tonight...extremely helpful guy that Phillip #9331