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McAfee (Shaw Secure) Help redirects to Shaw Support Community

Question asked by anradan_71 on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by shaw-matt

I have never been able to use the "help"  links in McAfee Security Center. I have had a McAfee technician "remote desktop" to my computer twice to resolve my problem...Was told nothing is wrong.....I phoned Shaw support...they had no answer but they would "look into it"....I disabled the Shaw DNS "feature of my modem (Motorola Surf Board).....still not fixed....I have reinstalled after using the McAfee clean and prep apps...


Every time I click on a help link the window that opens to McAfee's help works the first time only ...telling me to turn on cookies....following instructions to do so does nothing, as I already have my history "remembered" in Firefox....I also allow  and both with https://  and http:// everywhere possible in Firefox settings...


I have set Internet Explorer as default web browser (x64 and x86 versions) and followed McAfee's instructions to no avail.


So now I turn to all of you fine peoples in our forum for help because the "professionals" have failed to do so.


I have attached a few MS Word Pad screenshots showing the source of my ongoing strife with McAfee (non) help.

How can Shaw offer a security program with no help or support and not address the issue....surely I am not the only one.

Do they get a discounted licensing fee for causing the redirect to Shaw Support Community?....hmmmm....makes me wonder.