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HDPVR 3461

Question asked by haling on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2013 by janet4479

I have two issues. 
1. My Motorola DCT3416  reboots its self when I try to watch my recorded programs. This happens with recordings on HD and non HD channels. Sometimes it reboots few seconds after I hit play other times a few minutes into the program. The reboot happens to programs that are being recorded both while I am watching the program I am recording or not. 

2. The box  randomly reboots when I try to watch programs on my HD channels. This happens at random times(e.g 10min, 30min or 2hrs while that channel is on) on random channels but always on my HD TSN The Sports Network( channel 225) but never on the non HD version (channel 21).

Does this suggest I  need a new HDPVR box?