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DSR 630 intermittent HD channel acquisition

Question asked by dunwurkin2 on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2013 by shaw-matt

As a new subscriber to ShawDirect (from Expressvu), I am impressed with the video quality of the HD channels.  Now if we can solve the channel acquisition problem all will be good.


Have tried several things to ensure the satellite signal to the the 2 tuners is consistently there.  Installed 60E Antenna with xKu LNB and TRUSPEC digital multiswitch.


Tuning to 299 - T1 signal (Options, 4, 7) 97, Ecb 8.6; T2 0, Ecb N/A

Tuning to 300 - T1 signal 97, Ecb 8.6; T2 98, Ecb 10.0

Both channels show video and provide audio.

Tuning to 700 - T1 signal 0, Ecb N/A; T2 98, Ecb 11.0

Tuning to 711 - T1 signal 0, Ecb n?A; T2 98, Ecb 11.1

Tuning to 701 - T1 signal 0, Ecb N/A; T2 98, Ecb 10.9

Now tuning to the HD channels.

Tuning to 2 - T1 signal 87, Ecb 9.4; T2 98, Ecb 10.9  (No video, Black Screen)

Tuning to 3 - T1 signal 87, Ecb 9.6; T2 87, Ecb 9.6  (Picture and sound OK)

Tuning to 4 - T1 signal 87, Ecb 9.5; T2 87, Ecb 9.4  (No video, Black Screen)


By selecting another channel either higher or lower than the current selection and then direct selecting the desired channel, I can get the correct channel to appear.


This is very frustrating and I wonder if there are any known fixes?

Thanks for you help with this issue.