High ping and lag to east coast USA/Chicago from Vancouver

Discussion created by jot on Nov 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2013 by [shaw]heather

I play on several game servers in the east coast, and even if my ping is not very high I lag around the map sometimes worse then people playing from East Europe. This happens in different games as well. I also have a friend in Chicago who I also have lag issues with voice chat and Co-op games.  When it was just my friend (their internet could be bad) and one game and server I thought it was just my luck but no longer.


Up until recently I also had significantly reduced download speeds from servers outside of the Vancouver and Seattle areas.


Does anyone else have similar issues?


What are your through-puts and latency times to the east coast?


Edit: My ping to Shaw Speedtest is 23 ms with 15/2.2 D/U. To Skyway West in Vancouver ( it is 10ms with 19/2.4. I did a bunch of Pingtests to the east an they were all around 75ms.