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Gateway: Random an error has occurred during playback issues

Question asked by tdyollear on Nov 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by mark_vse

I just got my gateway system installed yesterday and the tech said everything was working fine and I had decent signal on all 3 portals. But for some reason, three times now my portal has just shown me a black screen and an error "An error has occurred during playback" this one I fixed by just changing the channel. I also got a random "lost connection with the gateway" or "there is no gateway found" or something. I unplugged the portal and it was back on reboot. This has happened on two different portals. Not sure if my gateway is rebooting or what. My gateway is in the ceiling tiles in my basement so I haven't been able to look at its lights when this happens. Is this normal for these things? I hope it doesn't happen often.