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Satellite signal abnormal readings, confused!!!

Question asked by progresso on Nov 10, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by shaw-marie-eve

At the cottage I have two older HD receivers with dish mounted on a post outside.  I've come across a situation that has me baffled.  I often have to make small adjustments to the dish due to whether issues.  Pretty sure I'm missing something, but don't know what.  I have set the signal strength on the two receivers on channel 252 and have a locked in green signal, usually is green but often fluctuates into yellow (must it be green) and a signal strength of 86.  I have most HD channels, missing a couple with lower signals (I've had them before).  Don't know why I'm not getting them all.

However the biggest surprise is I do not have ANY non-HD channels whatsoever.  When ever I tune them in the icon light on the receive turns red.

I thought I then had to tune into channel 299 and try to increase this signal which I cannot get off of 15.  Of course when I move the dish to try and increase this signal, I lose all the HD channels.

Why can I not get all HD channels that I subscribe to and why cannot I not get proper signal strength on channel 299.  Can these missing HD channels be tuned in by calling in to technical services or is it a problem at the dish.

Maybe I need to be reminded in what order to set dish up i.e. elevation, rotation, skew.

Can anyone tell me what I need to do to correct my issues and point on what I may be doing wrong.

Might the LNB affect the poor signal on 299?

Signed confused!!!  Have not had issues before and really don't feel I need a technician to come on site yet.