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I am having issues with my wifi?

Question asked by osberto on Nov 10, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by kevinds

I cannot play xbox online or use a smart TV in my basement. I have a Cisco DPC3825 modem/router on the second floor and a Cisco N300 network boost on the first floor and I am not getting a strong Wifi signal in the basement. When I got the network boost it worked fine for a couple of weeks but now the signal in the basement is very poor and drops while watching a Netflix movie or playing online.

I have tried resetting the router but that does not work. I want to try now restoring the Modem/router but it has a button and a pin hole on the back. My first question is: Which one do I use?

I also would like to know if there is a stronger modem/router out there that I could buy or that Shaw would provide.

Finally, is there a way to know what devices are connected to my Wifi?