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recording shows going a minute over still not fixed

Question asked by greybird on Nov 11, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2013 by greybird

It took me a long time to rearrange my series recordings at the beginning of this season so as to accommodate the l minute over problems.  You said that you tested many many different series at different times and everything was fine.  It is not.


I have a series record set for The Voice (ch.83 on Monday 5:00-7:01), Dancing with the Star (Ch.84 on Monday 5:00-7:01), Castle (Ch.84 on Monday 7:01-8:00), and the Blacklist (Ch. 83 on Monday 7:01-8:00).  When I first set it up I chose option 2 and told it to record these shows even though there was a conflict because of overlap.  Everything seemed OK.  Today I decided to remove Blacklist and put in Gangsters (Ch.31 Monday 7:00-8:01).  It was a 7:00 not a 7:01 so when I was told there was an overlap and chose to record anyway, it took out my Voice recording.  It also took out Hart of Dixie because I had 2 recordings at 8:00 and Gangsters went until 8:01.


I am soooo not impressed with your supposed update.


I decided to remove the Gangsters show because of all the conflicts and when I checked my schedule I did not get my Voice and Hart of Dixie shows automatically back.  I had to reset them up as series records and of course told there was a conflict and again chose option 2 to record anyway.....etc.


One of your answers to someone who was having trouble with series record was to reset up the series recordings after the update to see if it fixed itself.  I did just that and no it did not fix itself.


Please tell me why this obvious problem was not fixed with the update.