new feature "Other Showtimes" does not work as advertised

Discussion created by bcb on Nov 11, 2013
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in this blog post, [shaw]sean described the one and only new feature included in the November update to HD Guide firmware. In the subsection of the blog post headlined "New Feature? Whoa!", in part it claims:



"Other Showtimes” is a new option in HD Guide that is similar to the clock icon in the old guide.  The feature allows users to find other showtimes for that program or series, and is designed to allow the user to see if there’s a more convenient time to watch or record their favorite shows.

(emphasis mine)


However, the feature has severely limited usefulness as implemented. In particular it is totally useless to help record series that repeat new episodes several times a week on the same channel - the 3510 is unable to schedule a series recording at any user chosen time but always ends up setting the earliest airing regardless of which ever other showtime you choose.


- actually I think the root cause of this is actually an outstanding old shortcoming/bug with the HD Guide firmware that's existed since the beginning (and has apparently been ignored by Shaw engineers these 10 or 11 months -- along with a handful of other bugs and feature requsts, I might add...) - the 3510 was never able to correctly set this kind of series recording if you chose a later airing time of a new episode. In the past you had to try to set such a recording manually in the guide and it would always revert to the earliest airing but now with this new feature you can schedule the unwanted broadcast time directly from the Other Showtimes menu!... Whoa!


I suppose, that's progress!


For episodes that only air new episodes ONCE per week but on 2 different channels, the Other Showtimes feature seems to work. But I want to be able to schedule some recordings at more convenient times if possible, to try avoiding conflicts during prime time.


here's a specific example how to reproduce:


ch42 Daily Planet airs new episodes every day at 4pm Pacific. The same new episode is rebroadcast at 4am ch42

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.54.01 PM.jpg

Since the 3510 only has 2 tuners, wouldn't it would be useful to record some series like this at late night hours to avoid conflicts?

let's try to set the series recording for the 4am broadcast:

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.54.16 PM.jpg


but look what actually gets set - the earlier 4pm broadcast!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.54.23 PM.jpg


this is not the only example of this kind of scheduling failure with the 3510, you can find many on channels like Discovery that repeat new episodes of shows several times per week. But the 3510 simply FAILS to schedule a simple recording request like this. As someone else mentioned in another thread, an ancient 30 year old video recorder can be programmed to schedule a simple repeating weekly request like this, but this "advance" box cannot.


"Whoa!" is right !!