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Cisco DPC3825 Wireless Problems

Question asked by bogdancan on Nov 12, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by [shaw]heather

Had previously the SMC all in one modem/router and the wireless signal was very bad. Shaw replaced with this Cisco model that has same kind of poor wireless performance and very limited configuration options. Not having external omni directional antenas is causing the signal to fluctuate from 1 bar to 3 to max and back to 1 multiple times a day and at least 2-3 times a week I need to reset the modem completely because can not connect to internet neither wireless neither wired.

Before this devices from Shaw had a Dlink N router with 3 powerful external antenas and had no issues. My house is small 1200 sq feet and installing 3 access points/range extenders didn't helped at all, all devices loosing the connectivity with the Cisco constantly.

Is any way to be able to install a decent non Shaw router to be able to have constant wireless service? Only Shaw tech support can place this crappy Cisco device in bridge mode?