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Cannot delete old series recordings

Question asked by unhappycustomer on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by weekendcamper
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I have series that I no longer record (on the famous 3510) but I cannot delete the episodes. I have googled and tried the suggestions there (Power off for 15 seconds, try to delete it more than once) but no success. Can anyone help?

I have not been on here for a while but thats not because I don't suffer the usual problems with the 3510 just like everyone else its just that you can only take it for so long that this is going to get fixed. If I had an alternative where I live I would have taken it, I hear that Novus in Vancouver provides some healthy competition something we lack in the calgary area.

I do not believe the problems have ANYTHING to do with the hardware its just Shaw's software, they have not taken responsibility for the absolute crap job they have done. For those of you who have been on here a long time you will have noticed that they ALWAYS like to take the problem offline and speak to the individual customer  - divide and conquer! An admission that those with the 3510 have been beta (at best!) testers and some compensation (reduced rates hahahah) would go some of the way.


Is it really that complicated to write software that allows you to record and delete programs?