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wtf is this, nice customer service

Question asked by connormc on Nov 14, 2013
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so recently i got shaw home phone and tv free for 6 months on promotion, i have verified its 100% free numerous times.


my bill for sept10 to oct 9 was originally $100.80 after tax but i had a 3$ credit which brought it down to 97.48. i payed exactly 97.48 for that, however on my next month bill for oct 10- nov 9, it shows the cost being 100.80 and me only paying 97.48, which was the total. then it shows the 3.32 i was credited carrying over, its now like the system is acting like this credit never happened and asking me for another 3$, so then for the month of oct 10 to nov 9 i was also credited due to more downtime. the same 3.32 i believe, this then showed up my monthly bill at 97.48. then towards the beginning of novemeber you guys added charges for the next month and my bill said 198.28. because i hadnt payed the 97.48 from oct-nov yet, 97.48+ 100.80 = 198.28. which was exactly what my bill said the other day. last night i went to pay my bill and it was 201.67, 3.32 more then it was suppose to be. this 3.32 add on to my bill most likely happened sometime between nov 5 and now, i dont get what the hell it was but im being overcharged by 3$, as soon as i brought this up in a shaw chat they left with 0 warning. how rude

Connor Mccaffrey (13:09:58):

ok thanks

Connor Mccaffrey (13:10:05):

so i should just be put onto shaw friends soon?



Krystal# V744 (13:10:17):

Yes, you will get an email when it's completed.

Krystal# V744 (13:10:47):

Anything else I can help with?



Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:11):

no thx

Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:14):

thx tho

Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:18):

o wait



Krystal# V744 (13:11:19):

You're welcome.



Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:19):

no there is

Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:21):




Krystal# V744 (13:11:22):




Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:28):

i got overbilled by like 3 bucks

Connor Mccaffrey (13:11:43):

ok my bill was 97.48 for the last month cause i was credited

Connor Mccaffrey (13:12:06):

when i looked on shaw the other day it was 198.28. it was 100.80+97.48

Connor Mccaffrey (13:12:21):

but before i payed last night it was 201.67

Connor Mccaffrey (13:12:26):

instead of 198.28

Connor Mccaffrey (13:12:33):

i just got a really special promotion for tv and phone

Connor Mccaffrey (13:12:36):

100% free



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