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Gateway HD guide needs work

Question asked by fgazzoo on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by techjunkie

Your Gateway HD Guide is very poor in providing any info at times.


Feature Requests:

Can all channel listings include :,
  the "Season and Episode" numbers and Episode name and Original Air Date."

Also all Documentaries, Live shows, Concerts, Sports etc. Should always include the Original Air Date.


So you info on a show should include the following example:

  Survivor:  (S24, E02) Total Dysfunction (22 Feb. 2012


Because of the lack of this, I have had recording made on my Gateway PVR recording being over and over recorded.
For example, on the weekend of Oct 26, 2013 I had at least 8 copies of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown.
The only thing in the "info" box was the Title!  I have my setting on to record is first run. But because of lack of info
the Gateway recorded 8 hours of the same stuff. All had to be edited by viewing each start to see what episode it was.
This is wasting my time AND PVR space. How much space is used by 8 hrs on HD an normal versions????
Maybe including the "Season and Episode" numbers and Episode name and Original air date." might help
the Gateway PVR from making such a poor mistake.

See my frustration! I'm sure other Gateway costumers are totally enjoying this mistake!

"Season and Episode" numbers and Episode name and Original air date are included by all other listing including Telus
  IMDB, MS Media Center, Wikipedia listings and on and on.

So this is not hard to incorporate into the HD guide of your Best Equipment, Gateway, you sell to us.

PS: Don't pass the buck and say that Arris is only one that can do this. You have the power to get Arris to change!!
       ( and if your IT guys can't, they might as well be web designers for Obama Care.)