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problems with exchange and deleted email

Question asked by jmcgeary on Nov 15, 2013
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i recently updated to am ipad air from iPad 3

after doing the restore from my iPad 3 backup mail would not send

i checked the shaw community mail setup info

using that i changed from POP mail to exchange

all worked fine except it took me a bit to realize that when I delta mail from the iPad mail it also deletes mail from the server

I use a macbook pro as my primary computer and run outlook on it

when updating mail i realized that deleting mail on the iPad deleted from the server and thus i did not have mail copies then on my macbook

that i could handle by updating the macbook before deleting from the ipad

all good for a week or so

this am i checked mail on my iPad. had 23 mail items

leaving the iPad open and on in mail I started outlook on the macbook

as soon as it loaded all the mail from the server all the 23 emails vanished from the ipad

how & why???????

do not want this to happen