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Biz Internet Issues

Question asked by rustydusty1717 on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by shaw-lance

Just wanted to share my thoughts with my current situation. About a month ago started noticing speed issues, contacted Shaw Alex, he began looking into it. Noticed a few issues so sent a tech. Tech fixed signal issues, still having speed issues. Sent a message back saying still having issues, he replied with needing to do a modem swap. No big deal, schedule a call or I can go pick it up. That was the last time he responded to me which was Oct 30th. Messaged Shaw Sean to see if he could finish this up for me. He responded asking if I still needed assistance, I responded saying yes. That was early November. Last night my modem finally failed, leaving with me a useless Shaw Biz 25Mb internet package. Now trying to get ahold of regular tech support to either get a new modem, upgrade to the 50Mb package. Called in and since I'm a grandfathered package it will cost $72 extra a month to go from 25Mb biz to the 50Mb biz package.


I've always had great support with Sean and Alex, here I am with complete disconnects and constant issues with no end in sight. If there's another Shaw Rep that could help, greatly appreciate it.