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Will I ever be able to watch the end of F1 qualifying again?

Question asked by micraman on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by micraman

If there is something to be learned from the HD Guide, it's that it's consistent. Most (or all) of the final lap(s) of F1 qualifying have been absent from my recordings on all but 2 races that I can remember this season. The final laps of a race were missing just recently too.


Oh I know, you can add time to a live recording, but you have to be there watching the live recording in order to do it. Isn't that the entire purpose of a PVR, so that you don't have to always watch live TV, that you can record programs with some certainty that they will be there to watch when it's more convenient for the viewer? This is not the case with the HD Guide. In many cases, I have less than a 50/50 chance of the program being recorded. Then, while I am watching it, the sound can cut in and out and the programs are frequently not recorded in their entirety. It makes me miss my old HD VCR and my Pace PVR.


Since when is older better? Well, that is certainly the case here. I was told by Shaw that the DCX-5310 was far superior to the Pace DC758D PVR that I'd used and been frustrated with for the 3 years before upgrading (for lack of a better word). If it wasn't for Shaw's promises that the bugs would be worked out of the HD Guide, I'd still have been using my Pace machine for the past 11 months; and been happier for of it.


I recently went back to my notes of the many problems I was having with my DCX-5310, when I first got it. Nearly all those problems still exist. Okay, so the machine doesn't seize up quite as frequently as it once did and I'm not resetting it nearly as often either. The reason that I'm not resetting the machine as often is simply a case of acceptance. The problems still exist, just I've learned to expect them to be there and have learned to either work around them or live with them. What would I do without Apple TV? It's sure comes in handy for all those times when I've gotten too frustrated to continue watching my PVR or while resetting the machine. I also use it to watch some of the series that I've been watching on TV, as many of the episodes haven't been recorded.


This last big update doesn't seem to have taken any effect on my PVR. I have noticed all the same issues that were there before and they are still happening just as frequently too.