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Unstable upload latency

Question asked by teru on Nov 16, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2013 by [shaw]jeff

I'm in Vancouver, BC. My connection is fine for the most part, if I want to download or watch or stream anything there are no issues at all. The problem is when I try to do things that involve uploading to any extent. Sometimes it runs fine, sometimes I lag horribly. For example, if I want to play an online game with friends I end up frame skipping and lagging very, very badly, other times response time is perfectly fine. The same goes for streaming. :: Paste ID d42d5ed7db

This is the log of a stream that went well. Yes, well. No problems for the most part despite how it looks, but the results I would like to bring attention to would be the frame drops. For this particular stream two days ago, these were the results:
Number of b-frames dropped: 21361 (9.3%), Number of p-frames dropped: 19296 (8.4%), Total 40657 (18%)

Not great, but still watchable.


The next day, it became extremely laggy:
Number of b-frames dropped: 23234 (32%), Number of p-frames dropped: 26089 (36%), Total 49323 (68%)

This same day I tried to game with a few friends and lagged so badly that I repeatedly disconnected.


And today, I did a bunch of short tests after resetting things and checking everything and tweaking settings. Most of the results were the same and looked like this:

Number of b-frames dropped: 1204 (17%), Number of p-frames dropped: 1176 (17%), Total 2380 (34%)


I don't believe this is an issue I should ask the OBS forums about because it's clearly something that has to do with my connection. But my internet has been like this for the past year or so, sometimes everything goes smoothly and sometimes I just end up lagging to unbearable levels. The strangest thing is that my ping and download speeds and everything else is perfectly fine. What might be the cause of this beyond just finicky cables?