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repeat recordings and non-recordings

Question asked by stickboy on Nov 17, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2013 by stickboy

I turned on my PVR (DCX-3510) this morning to find two things: it is recording two instances of the CFL pre-game show, under different names, and it is not scheduled to record the new episode of The Mentalist tonight, despite there being a Series recording for this show.


CFL pre-game show:

Before going to bed last night, I set recordings for the CFL games to be played today. While doing so (using the mini guide that pops out a tiny scrollable list of what's on a single channel) I noticed that 2013 Grey Cup Playoffs: Pregame did not have the record icon beside it, it just said NEW. I thought I had set a series recording for the pregame shows, but maybe because it has a different name, it didn't recognize it. So I set the recording manually, not bothering to check if there was already a Series recording, or if it was scheduled to record. (The options box offered the option to Record Series, as opposed to Change Series Options.)

Now it's recording 2013 Grey Cup Playoffs: Pregame as well as CFL Playoffs: Pregame (which is the Series recording I had set), which is the same show on the same channel. So it knew to record it, but did not put up the icon on the Guide to inform me that it was going to record. So that's odd and should not be.


The Mentalist:

A couple of weeks ago the episode title was Fire And Brimstone, and was a new episode. However, when I watched the recording, it turned out to be a rerun. I checked the Guide and saw that the next airing of The Mentalist was also titled Fire And Brimstone and was new, but it was not scheduled to record. Of course not - according to the PVR, it has already recorded that episode. The settings won't allow it to record it again. (This happened to me previously with my old DCT3410, so I knew what was going on.) So I set the recording manually for last week's episode. In fact, I set it twice (once on CTV and once on CBS) just to be sure! I ended up with two recordings of the same - correct - episode. Which is as it should be.

But now it still does not want to record The Mentalist, despite tonight's episode being NEW and having a different title than last week's. So I'm not sure what's going on there, but that needs to be fixed.


That's all.