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Moving modem to another room

Question asked by ahav on Nov 18, 2013
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I was wondering how I would go about changing the location of my modem to another room? As far as I can tell, the coax cable comes from the wall, goes to a splitter and then to the TV receiver and the modem. I would like to change the location to another room that also has a coax connection on the wall in order to be able to connect my laptop directly to the modem via ethernet cable as I am finding very erratic internet speeds over wifi (Netflix default setting to low and still buffering every 5 minutes). My internet plan says I am good for speeds "up to" 20Mbps which should be more than enough so I do not know what the problem is... Numerous speed tests indicate an average speed of <5Mbps often falling below 1Mbps. Anyway, I was wondering if moving the modem is as easy unplug/replug??