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Internet dropping every hour, broadband 100

Question asked by turok on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by [shaw]heather

I live in Auburn Bay SE area of Calgary, Alberta. I've been experiencing internet issues every hour, it's either 60-75 minutes, @ :20 or :25 minutes of every hour.


Previously I did have the occassional lost of connection late at night, but it'd be every other day or week. However, today, it's becoming really frustrating, it only drops for maybe 5-10 seconds and I'm good for the next hour but since i work from home as a computer programmer using VPN, it drops my connection and I am also an avid online gamer and cannot play any games due to this ongoing issue.


Is it my modem becoming faulty or is there an issue with the internet connection out in this area?


I'm connecting directly to the cable modem using an ethernet cord, the modem is Cisco DPC3825 DOCSIS 3.0 Gateway





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