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Windows 8 Op. System & Forwarding Emails

Question asked by on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by janet4479

My new laptop has a Windows 8 operating system.  It will not allow me to forward on emails that I've received if the email contains pictures, cartoons, different sized text and font sizes that are all within the body of the email.  When I do hit "forward", all the fonts of text  revert to a one-size font (like times roman 10), any if there was coloured text, ALL text reverts to black.  The pictures or cartoons revert  to merely an alpha-numeric code wherever that picture was located -- sometimes the pictures will show up as  "image attachments".   I CAN forward emails that contain a U-tube or https:internet insert without any problem.   I never had this forwarding problem with my old MS Windows XP operating system (that comptr. died) or earlier Windows versions.  My friend also bought a new computer with a Windows 8 op. system and has the identical problem even using G-mail for his emails.   IS THERE A FIX or do I again have to buy another new computer that does NOT have MS Windows 8 as its operating system.

Thanks in advance, I hope.  Sandra