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Pvr problems

Question asked by jenopy on Nov 18, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2013 by janet4479

We had an external PVR expander connected to our Motorola digital box and had no problems with it. But we were going to be giving it back to my sister so it was unplugged. We ended up getting to keep it afterall so we plugged it in again. Since then I've gone through the instructions on how to restart the digital box with the PVR expander. It seems to have helped but I think something is wrong. Here are the following issues I'm still having:

1. All remote control demands are delayed by 30 secs-1 min or so.

2. PVR recordings (both recordings that are old-from before we did the first unplug AND recordings that were done in that period of time when the expander was not plugged in) are choppy and frozen. It will continue eventually for 10 secs or so then freeze, another 15 secs then freeze.


Note: Live TV seems okay (Except for that annoying delay between pressing anything on the remote.


Any suggestions/advice would be great!