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Sort results of movie search by date

Question asked by lornepat on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by mark_vse

I've just "upgraded" to Shaw Gateway, and other than recording and viewing from any TV, I'm less happy with the interface.  I find the search functions clumsy (maybe I haven't learned them all yet) and disappointed that I can not see what movies are on within the next time slot.  Movies and other search results appear to be only in alphebetical order, which is OK if I have a particular movie I'm looking for.  But more often is the case that I would like to watch a movie now, and would like to see what is available.  This was available with the motoralla digital boxes.  Is this not a common request?  How do I get this in next release??


Message was edited by: lornepat Yes I am asking about search results, not PVR listings.  I'm interested in the mobile app referenced in the response.  How do I connect my iPad or iPhone?  Thanks.