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Cannot set up email on Windows 8

Question asked by mcole on Nov 19, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by shaw-brayden

Just got a new work computer and I am trying to set up the work email on Windows Mail however I am running into a problem;


When the computer started up I had to input my own personal email in order to get the comp running (as it is a Live email address) As it is an established business everyone sends emails to the one address, and we both require use of the work email address. I have on the old laptop the email set up under Windows Mail (it is on Vista) and works fine.


The steps I have followed are: 'settings' - 'accounts' -'add new account' -'other email' and 'pop', HOWEVER then Windows8 claims it does not support pop. It is preferable for our business to have the emails saved to the computer we are using at the time, but if we must abandon this method then so be it.


Also I would like to note that prior to the new computer both myself and my employer would get each a copy of every email sent as it is often required for both of us to view and have saved, so if a method is suggested it cannot stop the emails from going to my employers computer; it would be more of a disaster then me not receiving any emails


Thank in advance!