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Is this normal?

Question asked by nhl77 on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by kevinds

I was reading another thread a person had made about a strange redirect so i thought i would check my router for anything weird and i did find something.


I have this from my router:


The ip leads to


United StatesOhioColumbus

Dod Network Information Center



Is this a normal thing?

I do use american dns numbers for use with getting american netflix which i was told by Blockless was 100% legal.

I pay $5.50 a month for blockless service.


Has anyone else noticed an igmp from that ip or one like it?


Even when i switched my dns back to the regular ones this igmp was still there.

In our house hold we have a desktop and 2 game systems connected to the internet.


Here's the other thread:


In that thread it was a different ip leading to the us dod but this is a bit different seeing it is an igmp.