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Flaky Motorola SBV5220

Question asked by automationpro on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2013 by shaw-lance

I am having intermittent issues with my phone modem.  It will lock up and need to be reset.  this has been hapening for the last 3 years, and for whatever reason it only seems to manifest itself when the weather gets cold (below freezing here in Surrey last night).  TV and internet are fine but in the middle of the night my security alarm will start beeping that there is no connection and there is no dialtone on the landline.  I have to go and reset the modem by pulling the battery and cycling the ac power.  the modem is in an area that is heated so i don't know why the cold would have anything to do with it and it may only be a coincidence but boy it sure seems consistent.


This is becoming quite a pain and having it happen when i am away from the house and having my wife (who has no patience with this type of thing) do the modem reset is not an option anymore.  I have only two options at this point: go to another provider or fix this issue.  Can you help? Could we swap the Modem for a newer model or have a service tech come and look at my installation?


thanks in advance.