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Shaw authoritative DNS servers fail to resolve Shaw subdomain

Question asked by derekkti on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by [shaw]ali

Came across a peculiar issue.
TL;DR: Shaw DNS servers fail to resolve a shaw subdomaina used for webmail login.
I'm hoping a Shaw DNS engineer sees this; the guy I spoke to in the phone didn't seem to understand the problem.

  • A client told me they couldn't access Shaw Webmail
  • clicking the login button at does nothing. Plugging in a 3G stick makes it work.
  • I changed the client DNS server to Google's ( and that fixed it. I compared the DNS caches, and it ends up that is failing to resolve when not on Google DNS.
  • Our DNS server uses root hints, no explicit forwarder.
  • If you trace the authority for from the root hints, it goes:
  • These 3 shaw servers can resolve all subdomains used in the webmail login process except

Shaw, if these 3 servers are deprecated, you need to update the servers listed as authoritative for your domain. If they are active servers (they do respond to DNS queries), then they need to be able to resolve Please fix your infrastructure.


Derek Froese
Service Engineer, Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.