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Help With Installing Skype Fix For Le Pan TC 970 Google Android Tablet

Question asked by tkbrown on Nov 21, 2013

I have a Le Pan TC 970 Multi-Touch LCD Google Android Tablet.  I purchased this tablet two years ago and would very much like to use it to Skype with my kids and grandkids.  Unfortunately there is a compatibility issue with installing Skype on the Le Pan TC 970; you can get audio but no video.  This issue was corrected in the newer Le Pan tablets.


Apparently someone did find a 'fix' for this problem however I am not computer savvy enough to get it working correctly on my tablet.  Can any of you tekkies out there help me?


Here is the apparent 'fix' version of Skype that works on this tablet:

Xda-developers - View Single Post - [DEV] Skype Video for Froyo (and GB)with the instruction to make sure you enable "Use preview surface" under the tweaks menu