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Re-programming ALL episodes

Question asked by micraman on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by [shaw]andrew

Since we need to reprogram our scheduled series frequently, I have taken advantage of the new Other Showtimes feature, in order to save time searching for the program again.


I will find the series that needs reprogramming in the Series area, then select Other Showtimes and cancel the series from here. Now I can also record the series without having to use the search feature.


This method works fine, except if you're recording all the episodes. When you try to record All, you have to go back, cancel the series another time and then select All once more. For some peculiar reason, this works this way every single time, never works the first time but always marks all the programs to be recorded the second time around.


This method also saves you from deleting a program, that when you search for it, doesn't have any airings in the next couple of weeks, thus leaving nothing to program. The old search feature used to work so much better as it would just keep looking for your program, in the hopes of finding it again sometime in the future.