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Can't I just record and keep what I want? [create split]

Question asked by craigr1973 on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2013 by shaw-lance

I have a pet peeve with my PVR. it's not that I can't record what I want but that if I record something, watch it, and then just want to keep the parts I like to free up space on my PVR... I can't.


What I would like to be able to do if I recorded a 2hr movie is to be able to save the parts I want and have the option to delete the rest. It would go something like this: I record a 2hr movie. I watch the movie but REALLY love the last ten minutes and want to keep just that. Why? Because I constantly keep running out of room and I am forced to delete whole movies instead to make room for more stuff. But what if there was a feature in the info menu called "create split" as the last option at the end?


That would be in a word... AWESOME!


If that were true then I could start playing the program I just recorded and navigate to the one hour and fifty minute mark, right where I want to create the split, and then push info, and select create split. And voila! I now have the same movie info in both programs but one is one hour and fifty minutes long and the other is ten minutes long. Then I could just delete the one that is one hour and fifty minutes long.


Now I got to keep the last ten minutes of the movie I really love and discard the rest. This feature would help me get rid of hours of space I would have to keep otherwise just to see that ten minutes I love. But not anymore! If I record too much I can trim off the end of program or keep just the sketches on SNL that I loved watching and ditch the rest (for example).


If you incorporate this feature it would also be nice to create playlists so that if you did, for example, just keep three of four sketches from SNL then you could play them one after another in a certain order as if that's how it was broadcast and you recorded it that way.


What does everybody think? Please comment below...


P.S. If you had the above feature in a new PVR model that allowed me to record three programs and watch another I would buy it and NEVER complain. Just my two cents. Later dudes!