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Bridging - what is process?

Question asked by private on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by noah

I recently upgraded to a Cisco DPC3825. The bit where I 'should have looked in to it first aside', I prefer the additional sophisticated dashboard/gui/program I had in my DIR-615 which I replaced with a DIR-815 then returned to the 615 because it had features not found in the newer 815 nor does the CISCO DPC3825.


I read here that to "bridge" requires one to ask here, wait for the post to be approved/denied, wait for a PM to arrive that asks for account number, then reply to that and wait again. Sooo while waiting:

  1. Do I have to keep the CISCO inline or can I go back to just my router and hand back the CISCO?
  2. What if I "bridge" and an hour or day or week later, don't find it any better and want to de-bridge  is it complicated and complex?
  3. Can I de-bridge without waiting to hear from Shaw?
  4. If after the bridging is done, is one still able to utilize both of the IP numbers assigned to each account?