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Slow connection speed nightly and weekends

Question asked by marinerbcfc on Nov 24, 2013
Latest reply on May 5, 2014 by [shaw]heather


Good day all,


Last night did contact Shaw rep. via chat and booked a service app. for Nov.26


My package is the Hi speed 25 " maximum speed in Powell river" I was willing to pay for the broadband 50 to solve that speed issues but it is not available for us here.


Here are my connection speed issues:-


1-All my net connected devices suffers slow connection speed every night at supper time, regardless of their type, connection mode.


2-Tried every possible test , including safe mode on both WIN 8.1 pro and WIN7 ultimate, different browsers FF 25.01 and IE 11, smart TVs, iPhone...etc


All got the same results could not even get 5 Mbps download latency over 100ms and 0.5 Mbps up load speed maximum.


3-Explained all of this to the nice CSR and she booked an app. on the 26th. But no later than 4 PM,


She understand that this time might not show any abnormal issues with mu services but she could not do anything about the service visit


Time, which I do understand, however there shall be another way to confirm the network node saturation in my area in the back office environment of Shaw systems rather than relying on a visit during such times.


if I may add my home setup did not change and I am 100% sure it’s the network side however during my tests with the CSR last night and while I am getting low speeds testing at Shaw speed test as well as the CSR did not see any saturation issues in my area,


Can someone please shed some light on these issues and provide some solution/s, even and ETA for the long await network upgrade in Powell River