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Move or remove progress bar while pausing

Question asked by jaysp on Nov 25, 2013
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Do you know if there is a way to move or remove the progress bar along the bottom of the TV screen in Gateway when pausing. Previous reps have indicated this is not possible at present and I want to know when this will happen.


It is currently impossible to read text on screen when the machine is on pause.


This is particularly important while watching subtitled foreign films.


I can think of several other instances when I was unable to read text on the screen that was germaine and informative, both in films and on television. A more mundane example:  it is impossible to read the last lines of Chuck Lorre's Vanity Cards at the end of his sitcoms when they are long.


I am also unable to see portions of the video when I pause, because the area is covered by the progress bar. Often, I have paused to see a particular item more closely and discovered the portion I want to see frozen is covered by the progress bar. During last night's newscast, I wanted to see the image at the bottom of the screen, which was impossible, the image being too fleeting to watch in real time and too low to see on pause.


This has been a constant irritation with the Gateway system since I got it about a year ago, especially since, with the old Motorola system, I was able to manipulate the progress bar to suit my requirements.


Thank you for your prompt response to this query.


Jennifer S. Phillips


I am attaching a relatively poor example of the issue to illustrate...