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Continually slow speeds and wifi disconnecting

Question asked by richard.chan94 on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2013 by hitesh

Hi for the past two months I've been having consistent issues with my internet speeds being slow, most notably at night, and that my wifi always disconnects, I've seen the lights except the power light all shutdown and restart itself. This issue has been going on since September, and I've called Shaw support on numerous occasions. I've hard reset by holding the small button down with a pen, changed channels etc. Shaw has even sent out a technician to replace the modem completely (cisco wireless router/modem). I'm a student that lives in residence at the University of Alberta, and I have friends that live in the same building as me that have no issues at all with their Shaw internet.




These are just some of my speedtests I've taken through out the night. It's gotten to the point where my internet is almost unusable, it's getting really annoying that YouTube videos have to default to 144p, and doing assignments online is becoming very difficult.