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No signal only on Thursday

Question asked by lesterb on Nov 28, 2013
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by shaw-colin

We have a Sony HD TV and have Gateway installed for a couple of months.  We have a problem with our TV not getting the signal from Gateway and ending up with a blank (black screen, no sound etc) screen.  We contacted Shaw and the only way we could get a signal was to turn off the TV and then when turned back on we had to wait for the splash screen to go off and immediately start pushing the channel button until we got a flash of a channel. Then using the TV remote we had to go to input and found that the TV was not on HD. When we changed it we would get a signal. It was only doing this occasionally and Shaw could find nothing wrong with their equipment so therefore it must be our TV. (or course it is).


Well we have been monitoring this for the past 4 weeks and guess what, it only happens when we turn the TV on Thursday morning.  So my question is , is Shaw doing some type of update to their system either late Wednesday night (the TV is off after 11 pm) or early Thursday morning? If not why is this only happening one day of the week.  Answers anyone?