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Shaw DVR pass through foundation for xbox one not working

Question asked by mckenzie00 on Nov 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2013 by [shaw]ali

So I've set my xbox one up correctly but am getting a flashing tv screen when trying to use xb1 pass through

The sound is also on and off

There's no receiver involved or anything, it's very simply set up (shaw box-xb1-tv)

My Motorola box is not very old, maybe a year

Ive heard a few things about how your Motorola box can't pass through more than two devices which mine is not

Ive tried different hdmi cables and different inputs on my tv but still flashing screen


Are there any tips or ideas you have on why this is not working correctly

Also as soon as I plug the shaw box directly in to the tv it works perfectly fine