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the new "offline" message encountered - but then recorded playback gets "stuck" at end

Question asked by bcb on Dec 1, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2013 by shaw-colin

so... I turned on my 3510 today around 4:30pm and believe I saw the new, less-obtrusive "offline" message pop up momentarily in the top right corner of the screen - something about the box restoring its network connection...  if that's what that was, then this is a welcome change over the old annoying modal dialog box that used to take over the middle of the screen and ask you to click OK.


anyhow, this post isn't really about that new less-obtrusive indicator, but something that I noticed while subsequently watching an already recorded show.


presumably my 3510 was still "offline" when the following occurred:

- I was FF'ing a recording to get to near the end of the 1/2hr existing recording, then I let it play back the final few minutes at normal speed.

but when it got to the end of the recording, the recording just froze at the final frame of the recording.

- pressing the Stop button would not end the playback

- pressing pause would bring up the progress bar and pause indication, then I could press play and the progress bar looked like it was playing but picture still frozen on final frame

- pressing Exit did nothing

- pressing Guide did nothing

- pressing Info brought up the usual info box

- pressing rewind would rewind normally, but when recording advanced to end of the recording it would again freeze at the end of the show

- pressing OK would bring up the usual selection of actions, but for example if I select "delete recording" it brought up the following error box, which I assume means the box is currently in an "offline" state:

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 4.46.08 PM.jpg

so....   I assume this error box is due to the fact that the box is still offline when trying to delete the show.

Pressing OK at this point returns you to the recording list. so this seems to be the only roundabout way to exit from the end of the recording.


and yes, I was able to repeat this same behaviour several times, presumably my box was still in an offline state.


is it true that you cannot delete a show when the box is offline?

if true, then maybe this part of my observation is "expected" and nothing to worry about...


However, what about the fact that the playback cannot be terminated normally once it reaches the end, while in offline state?  it seems pretty stupid that if the box is "offline" then the Exit or Stop button cannot end playback once the end of a show is reached. Surely this is not normal/expected behaviour (ie IMO it's a bug!)