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Question asked by db5000 on Dec 2, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by db5000

This annoying problem came up late last week on my DCX 3510. While watching buffered programs it would kick to live TV when the real time program ended. So while watching a buffered program say 10 minutes behind real time, as soon as the program ended in real time, I would get kicked to live tv. I would then have to rewind to find my place in the buffered program i was watching. On Saturday i began to get the "time shift" messages at the end of a real time program. This function paused my buffered program while displaying the message until i chose ok to dismiss the message. My buffered program remained paused and i was able to push play and resume watching without getting kicked to live tv. This "time shift" function seemed to have solved my problem even though it was an annoying disruption. But i was content not having to find my way back to the lost spot in the buffered program. The problem returned on Sunday and continues this morning and I have not seen any "time shift" messages since Saturday.


Here is my question. Is there a functional link between the buffered recording and the "time shift" messages and if this is a known issue, what is being done about it?