new failure - all video suddenly goes blank (both recording playback and live TV!)

Discussion created by bcb on Dec 2, 2013
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today a very strange problem I've never seen before on my 3510


I was playing back a recorded show and suddenly the picture went black, about 3/4 through the 2 hour recording. at first I thought "oh no, another recording kicked out to live TV..."


but no, it wasn't exactly that - the screen just stayed black (and no sound either).

- pressing rewind or fast-forward brought up the normal progress bar, and I could see the bar and time indicator moving!

so unlike first appearances, the playback did not get kicked out to live TV. it was if the recording was still playing, just that the video was black and audio gone.


upon further investigation:

- pressing exit or stop returned back to the recording list

- then selecting any recording and starting playback would just "play" a blank/silent screen. again, it was if playback was functioning normally but the video (and sound) was gone. these "blank" recordings could be paused, FF, REW, etc like normal

- also - if I exited the recordings all together and went back to watch live TV... ALL the channels were blank and no sound.

otherwise functions of the box seemed normal - I could bring up and navigate the guide (but live preview screen in upper right was blank), the channels would "change" with the up/down channel button and momentarily display that mini-guide bar (or whatever it's called) across the bottom of the screen. I could bring up the recordings list or schedule list, etc. but no matter what, not video or audio


basically everything seemed to respond normally to all controls, just that it seemed the video/audio source was cut off, both for live TV AND all recordings.


this blank video/audio condition started just before 5:30pm today, and I waited for about 5 minutes, but the video/audio did not return, even if I turned the box off and on again using the remote control PWR button. So I power-cycled the box and after reboot everything came back to normal - including the recording I was watching originally, it was in fact playable past the point everything went blank.  one other observation: at the time of the video/audio interrruption, there was 1 regularly scheduled series recording going on with the other tuner, due to end at 5:30pm. it looks like that recording got cut off, a few minutes early.


very strange, and not leaving me any feeling of confidence that problems with this box are anywhere near solved....