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Customizing your onscreen program guide

Question asked by perogyfan on Jun 26, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2012 by jetranger

Hi there, folks.  Here's a customer question/suggestion that came our way.


"Shaw needs to program the onscreen TV guide to show only the channels that you get.   Do you know how totally annoying it is to have squillions of channels scroll through when you only get a few (and then you can't even remember what they are because of old age and it just ain't intuitive!).  My current package includes the normal ones, then I think there's some in the 60s, the 80's, possibly something in the 90's, haven't got a clue which ones in the 100s.  It's so frustering when you find something that you really watch, you find out that it's one of the channels that you don't get!  ARGGGGHHHHHH!  It's so very sad.  Therein lies why I never watch "normal" TV......only programs that I have downloaded."  


Any idea as to when this type of functionality will be available on the standard (non Gateway)  onscreen TV guide.