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Question asked by saberon on Jun 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2012 by prynce

In anticipation of these forums opening up, I jotted down a few things over a few days that I'd like to share. Some are frustrations, some are things I think  Shaw is doing well. They aren't in any particular order.


1) Upload speeds needs to be a minimum of 1Mbps. Telus' basic 1.5Mbps down package comes with 1Mbps up, while Shaw's 10Mbps down plan is a mere 0.5Mbps up.


At $45 a month I can't help feel like I'm really getting the shaft as far as my upload goes. Especially HS20 customers, almost $60 a month and a 0.5Mbps upload feels like a real poor value for your money.


2) Reintroduce Double Play discounts. Shaw pricing seems like its gone from an annual increase to massive price hikes every month or two. Everything from Best of HD almost doubling in price, personal TV going up, BB50 increases, easy own price jumps, News and Family TV package increases, and the list goes on and on!


3) If you're going to charge $100 for a DOCSIS 3 AIO unit, at least introduce a rental program. Either a rental like it has been in the past ($X on your bill) or an Easy Own option for like $10 a month for a year.


4) I can't help feel like the TV hardware situation is a mess to say the least. The only way we can get hardware to even use TV is to shell out a fairly big chunk of cash or basically sign a 3 year contract. When I first signed up for SPP I got a free DCX3200 rental, surely at least triple play customers can get some kind of similar deal?


5) Live Chat.  The service has always been fantastic and it's by far my top choice of contacting Shaw. Keep up the good work, especially the Friends Concierge Chat.


6) Bridge mode on BB50+ only. I understand that 95% of people are satisfied with their all in one unit but I'm adamant that I run my own router. Why the restriction though? It can literally be setup in a minute via live chat. I have a hard time understanding this one.


7) I'm quite happy with the customer account website. It's easy to find what I want and Shaw bills are easy to understand (especially compared to some others I've seen!)


8) On these forums (which I realize are still beta), there's too much..."Stuff" if you know what I mean? I click Create and I'm given about 10 options for different kind of posts. It just seems like it might be a little overwhelming/intimidating for new users wanting to ask a simple question.


Thanks for reading =)