Re: Old DCX3510 problems recurring out of nowhere

Discussion created by b4hobbes on Dec 5, 2013
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hi all:

thought id chime in after being quiet for a long time... that doesn't mean things are working..they are in fact like all of you recurring problems that keep popping up , new ones on a regular basis and absolutely no info from shaw about anything in the works. today ironically is the 1 year date of purchasing this box with it being touted as the latest and greatest, i wont list the ongoing # of issues with this box..as we all know what they are and are all suffering the same fate...a real shame considering how much we all paid for these units and how much we give shaw on a monthly basis for their version of a quality product. at what point should they shelve this software that seems to be the major problem and flash the boxes with something they know will work...and work properly.  for me it always seems to come around to shaws seriously flawed idea of customer support and lack of keeping us informed on what they H they are doing to fix this whole fiasco.

thx for allowing me a little vent time