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Wireless access point

Question asked by warskull on Dec 6, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2013 by warskull

So after a year of wireless issues, of having only 2-5 mbps download on the Extreme 25 mbps, kicking off router, techs over, replaced router/modems x 4. Support forum going over the usual fixes, changing channels, and being told that it is probably my wireless lan adapter that was brand new, I went and paid 110.00 on a new router, hooked up over bridge mode and "bam" I am getting the speeds (wireless) that I expect to get for what I pay.

So that being said I would like to say thanks for all the help, but it is time that it is recognized that the Cisco and SMC modem/router ( wireless access point) combination may be the whole problem of the wireless issues that customers have been complaining about over the years.

So it may be time to look into other equipment for customers, expecting to have the service that is paid good money to have.

I have been with Shaw for over 20 years, I am will probably stay as I have paid for a lot equipment, but they have to not pass on the problem of the wireless access point to every problem on the customers wireless adapters, but their own and to have their Customer Reps to acknowledge this issue, when needed.